4 Paw Love, INC

About Us

​4 Paw Love, Inc. helps maintain pet wellness in the community through care, compassion and education. A non profit organization, designed to financially assist in medical emergencies and health care where financial assistance is vital, 4 Paw Love evaluates and prequalifies medical emergency applicants. If qualified for assistance, applicants receive partial help with veterinary bills. 4 Paw Love, Inc received support from private donors and qualifying grants. Donations are tax deductible, PO Box 1641, Gaylord Mi 49734.

4 Paw Love, Inc will also assist with general needs that fall onto our radar- dog houses, food, straw etc. A goal we have is to offer some pet wellness help to individuals who do not take their pets to the vet normally but could benefit from health care for their pet. 4 Paw Love will also help with local rescue groups/individuals to offset some of their costs as they try to financially carry the burden to save pets in need. Lastly, but not limited to these situations, 4 Paw Love will assist with the new Otsego County Dog Park in Gaylord.​

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